Monday, 28 September 2009

Mad BBQ skillz

Hey hey

We are here in Dunkerque at the house of skacore band Mr Jingle (you can check them out HERE) Us and random hand are being treated to a BBQ and it's all very nice.

Robin had 'the chicken' and it was apparently very nice.

There are certainly worse things you could be doing of a Monday morning!

Miss you!

BB x

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Friday, 25 September 2009


Hello Hello Hello

We're here in Switzerland at the flat of our old friend Daniel Holtz, catching up and having some very good food.

Here's a couple of snaps to make you wish you were here. Only Fools and Horses bar was in Serbia, to be fair to Swiss people.

Wish you were here.

BB x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Vegan Goulash in Linz, Austria

Yes, yes.

That's what's on the menu. In Austria and Germany, they know how to eat. The services offer up a smorgasbord of delights that put the best restaurants in the rest of the world to shame. And they know how to treat a band, what with all the wonderful drink and food. So we've been stuffing our faces and having a rate old lark with Random Hand. This is the first time we've ever toured Europe with a UK support and it's really cool to have such a nice group of mates with us. Cheesey as that sounds it's fucking true. Here's a shit picture I took with my shaky hands.


Barney x