Well now.

My name's Barney Boom. Welcome to my blog where I'll be posting a mix of music guidance features, opinion pieces, interviews, and anything else I think deserves to be up here.

I'm a music industry copywriter, blogger and PR rep, with experience in community management and social media marketing. I also dabble in website and graphic design.

I'm also a seasoned musician, songwriter, lyricist and performer, primarily with the group Sonic Boom Six. I've engaged with lots of aspects of the music business throughout my band's career from running an indie label to promoting gigs.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching films (especially horror), playing retro video games, exercising and, for my sins, I'm one of those terrible adults that still watches wrestling. I take my coffee black, strong and often and would one day like to visit Australia.

I'd also like to hear from you, so give me a shout on Tumblr HERE or just drop me an email at barneyboom [at] hotmail.com.


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