Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Here we are now, Entertain us...

Well, well, well.

We're on our way to Portland, Oregan in a big American car. The last few days have been cool, with shows with Big D and a few headline dates. Last night's gig in Seattle has the dubious honour of being the coldest gig that we've ever played in our life. Literally, if you imagine how cold a venue could be, double that in coldness, and you'd get somewhere near the sub-zero atmosphere of this club. In the bar area the draught pipes had frozen completely solid, leaving us to sip bottles of Heineken so cold that the flavour was all but a distant memory while shivering in a group huddle. I went on stage wearing a thick overcoat, a denim jacket, a shirt and a t-shirt and it wasn't until the 5th song I took the coat off. It was damn cold. But it was a wicked show.

Here you can see us, in the snow. Brrrr. Told you it was cold.

We're travelling around in a big Dodge car that has six seats and is nice and comfortable and fast and big and has all manner of adjustable fixtures and central locking and power supplies. However, they’ve dropped a bollock on one very important aspect of its design; it is absolutely impossible to consistently heat all the way through. There is no possible combination of dials, no technical arrangement of fan settings, no strategic deployment of levers that can make people in the front, middle and back comfortable at the same time. If Peter is perfectly cosy in the back, Paul's feet have icicles between the toes in the middle. If Jack is snugly room temperature at the front Jill is gasping like a dying Alsatian locked in a Fiesta on a summer’s day in the back. So journeys are a constant, dialogue of back and forth requests to tweak this and slide that and ‘the heats just kicked in over here’ and ‘I can’t feel my legs.’ It probably sounds like I’m moaning about nothing but the eight-thousand and seventeenth time you hear ‘can you just reach over and…’ you feel inclined to unlock the doors on the highway and dive into an anaesthetic embrace from the impact of an oncoming lorry. So, car manufacturers of the world take note, it’s time to get this heat distribution thing tackled yeah. I can’t live in these conditions.

We’ve been staying in motels. Every room in every motel looks exactly the same, to the extent that it feels like you are coming home every day but some kindly soul has tidied your room, changed the towels, cleaned the shower and replenished your complementary coffee. I wish my house was a motel.

Because we’ve been eating such scandalous amounts of delicious American grub, we have, hilariously enough, decided to try and be pro-actively healthy. So if the motel has a swimming pool or fitness room, as most do, you’ll be liable to find a motley crew of creaking, pasty Englishmen with what appears to be a Bengali orphan with a carrier bag on it’s head wheezing, splashing and bellyflopping about. It may look pathetic, but please take pity on them. They mean no harm and are only attempting to exonerate themselves from the spicy pleasures they will succumb to an hour or two later.

Speaking of spicy pleasures, Taco Bell had held us down for a few days but, on the last bite of my 8th 7 layer burrito, I felt something stir inside us all. Taco Bell is great for a few days but there's so much more out there... what of Taco Johns, Pollo Loco, Baja Fresh, Taco Time, Del Taco, even Taco Taco? It was finally time for us to spread our wings. So, we decided that a new dawn in the consumption of Mexican fast-food was upon us and we ventured into the welcome arms of a Taco John. On first impressions, the menu was less diverse but the smells emanating from the kitchen were spell-binding. Ordering was straight-forward and the food came in no time at all. The bean burrito was almost identical to Bell's offering but looking across the table, it was clear that food-quality here in John's was superior to Bell's, undoubtedly the most cheap-and-cheerful 'fast foody' Mexican option. Taco John's also offer the salsa bar - where a brother can take a little pot and fill it up with different salsas, guacamoles, jalapenos and spicy sauces – which was a revelation to tomato-parched mouths accustomed to the salsa-drought that is Taco Bell. To give the devil it’s due, Taco Bell's more extensive menu means that a vegetarian's options in front of the counter are far wider than they are at John's and the prices are lower overall. And so, weighing it up with food-quality, value for money and salsa ratios, it's really horses for courses but personally I'd have to say that John's clearly superior ingredients and the relative novelty of finding one amongst Bell's near-monopoly gives John a win by the nose. We've been told that Baja Fresh is the best, and I'm looking forward to finding out if this is a fact, but we need to work up to it. I don't want to eat the best burrito of my life only to have to return to the affable slop of Bell's. It's best to take these things one step at a time. I'll keep you posted.

Yesterday we visited the house of Kurt Cobain in the attempt to do something suitably touristy while keeping our rock n roll image intact. It was pure shenanigans trying to find it and we had to ask a Mexican man who gave us directions. He was very softly spoken and in concluding his directions he stared off into the middle-distance with a wistful expression and said 'the house there on the end, man' which was a suitably enigmatic way to begin our pilgrimage. When we got to the house, we realised that we couldn't actually go in so we took some rubbish photos and concentrated on the benches by the side of the residency which had become something of a memorial, covered in graffiti and tributes and what-not. Unfortunately, we hadn't really found anywhere suitable to park and invoked the wrath of the local constabulary who shooed us away and said things like 'I don't know if you do that in your country, but not in America' as American police are inclined to do to us as often as they can.

If proof is needed of this presumably fantastical-sounding adventure, one only needs to press play on the YouTube video below to see the shocking reality of the matter with one’s own two eyes.

Right then, I think that’s enough nonsense for now. I hope wherever you are you are at a reasonable temperature and full of whatever fast-food you enjoy.

Love you.

Barney x

Saturday, 5 December 2009

I like to be in America


One thing I've found out this week is that using my camera as a video camera is basically pointless because by recording one 2 minute video and then using the camera once to view it literally sucks all the life from the batteries. Far be it from me to cast aspersions over Samsung's inclusion of a video facility on their worthy cameras but you do have to ask the question - if 2 minutes of video is all you can ever hope for before having to buy new batteries - what is the point?

Anyhoo, we're here in the US and all is well. We've done a good few shows with Big D and the Kid's Table now and I'm currently listening to them soundcheck their 'Doped Up Dollies' tune, complete with female backing vocalists, podiums, video projection screens and a wicked stage set. It's like Top of the Pops without Jimmy Saville.

We've also had the pleasure of doing a few headline shows of our own and props to Heff and Dozer who over the last two nights have given this orphan warmth, shelter and a working PA. Dozer even had a dog who, despite his advanced years, diabetes and bad breath, had such a way of padding about and looking at us that everyone fell in love with him. Especially his Rod Stewart hairdo. Here's the little bugger now...


Who could fail to be moved to tears and arr's and oooh's at his little face? No one, that's who.

Anyway, I'll get some new batteries now and I'll take some proper snaps instead of trying to do videos because that's clearly pointless.

Right, I think we might get a quick soundcheck so I'll be off. Innabit yo!

Barney x

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

In the airport...

Hey guys

We're off to the US today. I've promised I'm gonna do more blogs so how is this for being on it? A blog in the airport.

Get down on it.

Barney x

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Some bands to check out


It seems to me there is a lot of good bands around at the mo. As well as all the Rebel Alliance bands obviously. We wish we could put them all out on Rebel Alliance, but unfortunately, we can't yet.

Here's some bands I love, soz if I forgot anyone.

Clayton Blizzard
Babar Luck
Dirty Revolution,
Stand Out Riot
The Hijacks
Clay Pigeon,
War Against Sound
Jimmy the Squirrel
The Junk,
Inner Terrestrials,
JB Conspiracy

Check em all out or I'll tackle you rugby style.

Barney x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Don't breakaway my Takeaway.

Guess what happened? Last night we went in the takeaway PIRI PIRI in Oxford after a wonderful gig and enjoyed the delights they had to offer. It comes highly recommended. If you're in the area.


 We had fizzy drinks too, but in the fizzy drink world prejudice stills runs rife.


For shame.

BB x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wimpy on tour

Hey people

So we stopped at a nationwide for nick to do some money stuff and next to it was a wimpy.

We were all hungry so we said 'let's go and eat a wimpy'. Wimpy is old school like happy shopper.

It's got all the standard burgers but then it's got like breakfasts and paninis and baked spuds and the waitress comes and gets your order and you eat with a knife and fork. So basically it's awesome.

The best thing is, unlike the pressed potato and pea abominations of mcdonalds and the carb-fest bean bag of burger king, the wimpy offers a lemon pepper quorn burger for us vegetarians and pescetarians (which I'm assured is a real word). It's quite the burger.

Here i am eating one...

So, you can keep your kebabs and mcthis and that. On tour there is no better junk food than a good English wimpy.


Barney x

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Back on tour!

Well well well!

We are back out on tour once again. Tonight is a warm up gig in Leicester and we will be out with the skints tomorrow for a full uk tour. It's bens last tour so it might be the last time you get to see a brother so get your arse down!

Also, if you aren't doing out, go and check out

p.s We are currently in Leicester at Demon FM and I'm on air so I will upload this picture.



Bb x

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Monday, 28 September 2009

Mad BBQ skillz

Hey hey

We are here in Dunkerque at the house of skacore band Mr Jingle (you can check them out HERE) Us and random hand are being treated to a BBQ and it's all very nice.

Robin had 'the chicken' and it was apparently very nice.

There are certainly worse things you could be doing of a Monday morning!

Miss you!

BB x

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Friday, 25 September 2009


Hello Hello Hello

We're here in Switzerland at the flat of our old friend Daniel Holtz, catching up and having some very good food.

Here's a couple of snaps to make you wish you were here. Only Fools and Horses bar was in Serbia, to be fair to Swiss people.

Wish you were here.

BB x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Vegan Goulash in Linz, Austria

Yes, yes.

That's what's on the menu. In Austria and Germany, they know how to eat. The services offer up a smorgasbord of delights that put the best restaurants in the rest of the world to shame. And they know how to treat a band, what with all the wonderful drink and food. So we've been stuffing our faces and having a rate old lark with Random Hand. This is the first time we've ever toured Europe with a UK support and it's really cool to have such a nice group of mates with us. Cheesey as that sounds it's fucking true. Here's a shit picture I took with my shaky hands.


Barney x

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hevy Music Festival


So we played the hevy music festival in Folkestone yesterday. It was a good fest on the seafront unfortunately marred by the great British 'summer' - it pissed it down. Watching ash struggle their summer anthems through a downpour was both disheartening and insirational cos they still managed to put on a decent show..

Here we are in the lobby of the wonderful burstin hotel. We managed to get a circle pit going yesterdAy which was definitely quite the feat. Kingston today, callooh callay!

Barnyard x x x

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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Photo from tour of France.

In France it is so sunny that it is highly difficult to take a photo with us in the centre whilst facing the sun.

Like the late 2pac, we get around.

Barney x

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Recording Session for The Punk Show BBC Radio 1.

He're we are right now at the BBC studios, doing a session at Maida Vale for the punk show. The engineer, Nick was a delightful fellow and, unlike every other session we have ever done, he didn't seem like his priority was kicking us out of the door. He was a suave, debonair don and he made our songs sound great.

We recorded 3 songs off City of Thieves as well as a super duper exclusive new, mad-as-a-hatter, cover version. With a string section. Yikes! The canteen was great too. Lunchtime beer. Laila's favourite.

Speak soon, loony tunes x x x

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Friday, 15 May 2009

Our time down there


Last night we stayed at peter miles's house. It was fun because hardcore punk troopers Our Time Down Here were there recording their album and we joined them to provide crew shouts across the whole shebang. It's sounding excellent! If you like Set Your Goals, Kid Dynamite and New Found Glory (and who doesn't?!) check them out yeah.

We also got to catch up with Crazy Arm, whose amazing album has been picked up by righteous uk label Xtra Mile Recordings! Which is awesome news.

Down at Pete's we also got to see the fully coloured in chart from our album. Here it is for the world to see...

Beautiful! Speaking of the album, they have arrived and we are on our way to pick them up now. Hallellujah!!!

Barney x

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

In da studio

Hey guys

Even tho it's our Manchester gig today, we're in oxygene studios with christophe doing some b-sides. They are sounding really cool. Dancehall dub and dancefloor skacore.

Keep on truckin x

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Friday, 8 May 2009

We're on tour.


I'm here in the Homestead and I've noticed I've neglected the blog a bit. We've been having such insane trials and tribulations with the CD situation that things have been on top of us a bit. But, it does seem like there are other labels and companies having problems with the same company so, once we get our new CDs in our hands, I think we'll be able to get everything sorted.

Anyway, yesterday we rehearsed 2 new songs we're gonna be doing for b-sides and comps that we're gonna record tomorrow. One Ben wrote called 'Game Over' and one I wrote called 'This is Real'. They are dancehall reggae and ska-core respectively and there isn't an original note in either, but they're fun like that, B-Sides. We're recording with Christophe who did the Turbo EP and Sounds to Consume. We are gonna record tunes of Laila's and Nick's for the next B-Sides session we do. Neil is unavailable for comment write now but who knows if he will try his hand too.

The gigs have been going well, all very excited about the way the new stuff is going over.

Sonic Boom Six Recording

The other day, Laila and Ben and I did some vocals for our friend Ian Britt on his wonderful new record which is going to feature all sorts of Manchester music luminaries. Ian is one of my bestest friends in the world and you can check out his music HERE.

I hope you're all very well!

Barney x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sonic Boom Six's Day Out (without Barney and Neil!)

Being in Sonic Boom Six does mean that we get to go to and see some amazing places. Yesterday was one of them rare days off that we actually do something that we never do! The plan was for Ben and Nick to get together down south and play about on their guitars and for me to chill in the sun in Ben's garden... Instead we get a phone call from Ben the night before and he asks if we want to go sailing with his dad! This was something I'd never done before, I was pretty apprehensive as I get mega seasick whenever we travel anywhere on water but I thought I'd give it a go!

So, we meet up with Ben, his dad, his dad's mate Tony and the 2 dogs - Trumpet and Molly, in the morning at a Marina in a place called Lymington.

The yacht is amazing! We get a little tour of it and crack open the beers! Ben's dad lets us know that we will be going to the Isle of Wight for lunch and then we'll head back.

The sun is shining and we set off. I eat a ginger biscuit (as this stops you from feeling sick), drink a beer and relax on the deck. The journey is pretty smooth and I'm quite proud of myself. Not only is this my first time on a boat, I'm actually looking after the dogs! Normally I'm really scared of dogs! Check out Nick Horne at the helm!

Once we get to the Isle of Wight, Rob (Ben's dad) treats us all to fish and chips in a lovely pub and then we head back to the boat!

The journey back was nothing like the journey there! I didn't realise that sailing was actually different than driving a boat with a motor and it was all hands on deck when we got back! We were running around all over the place pulling various ropes and unfurling sails! I felt like a pirate or something! Once the excitement of getting the various sails up was over, we sat back and enjoyed the quiet sea air, it was lovely.

Once we were back on land, we went back to Ben's house and his mum treated us to an amazing Indian takeaway. It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Thanks Rob, Ben, Tony, Mary, Trumpet and Molly! x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


You can get and exclusive remix of 'The Concrete We're Trapped Within' as well as the proper tune over at right now on the 'Notes From the Underground' blog.


Go and have a rave on it x

Monday, 13 April 2009

I just finished the biggest e-interview I've ever done

It's gonna be on tomorrow i guess. Lots of outlandish talk about mp3s, dodgy bands and America. I hope it isn't boring, cos it took a long time to write.

Easter was nice by the way, I went and saw Donn Letts play records and it was hip-hop, ska, punk and drum and bass all together which warmed the cockles. It was put together mainly by Mind on Fire collective who do loads of good things in Manchester as well as Anarchistic Undertones and some free party crews.

I ate no chocolate eggs though.

Cowabunga x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Boom tour kicks off

Yes indeed

The first date of the tour was last night in Brighton and it was a right old knees up and no mistake. It was wonderful to see our super friends the Skints and they played a blinder. And we did a photoshoot for the Kerrang in which we looked like we were playing computer games. It was cool and the photo dude was really good. I imagine we look like one of those godawful hair-straightener bands with stupid names... but they like that, little girls (say that in a brummy accent to get the withnail and I quote).

So, here is a couple of photos that I feel effectively sum up the Brighton experience..

I shall keep in touch.

Barney x

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Rehearsing for May

Yes yes

We're getting rate stuck into rehearsals today. No rest for the wicked. We have the whole of the new album to relearn, but it's a laugh...

Neil has gone to the music shop to get a cahon which is like a weird sit down drum thing that we are gonna use for the acoustic set.

I'm a bit giddy about this whole blog thing, forgive my enthusiasm. I hope you are in rude health x x x

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

The World's Greatest Advert

Meaty burgers or not, 82-year old Yorkshiremen trapped in the body of children for the win.

My first blog!

Hello all y'all out there.

This is the new, proper Boom blog which is gonna be the new place to keep up with us. We're just gonna be posting all sorts of thoughts, goings-on and anything that takes our fancy up in here. We're gonna link it to the other sites and so on but, until Myspace allows external blog feeds, we're gonna have to treat those seperately. So think of this blog as the shenanigans and opinions and following us about and the site news and myspace blog as the boring stuff like ticket buying, cd releases and official announcements. Booooo.

OK then, today we're supposed to be in the States but we couldn't go. Bah. Instead we're up at Ben's recording some vocals which are for another band's record on a duet between Laila and the certain singer of a certain Bostonian ska band. I'm not gonna say exactly who it is in case the song doesn't work out but from where I'm sat it sounds really cool. So that's something to look forward to innit?!

Ogley Dogley.

Barney x