Saturday, 31 October 2009

Some bands to check out


It seems to me there is a lot of good bands around at the mo. As well as all the Rebel Alliance bands obviously. We wish we could put them all out on Rebel Alliance, but unfortunately, we can't yet.

Here's some bands I love, soz if I forgot anyone.

Clayton Blizzard
Babar Luck
Dirty Revolution,
Stand Out Riot
The Hijacks
Clay Pigeon,
War Against Sound
Jimmy the Squirrel
The Junk,
Inner Terrestrials,
JB Conspiracy

Check em all out or I'll tackle you rugby style.

Barney x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Don't breakaway my Takeaway.

Guess what happened? Last night we went in the takeaway PIRI PIRI in Oxford after a wonderful gig and enjoyed the delights they had to offer. It comes highly recommended. If you're in the area.


 We had fizzy drinks too, but in the fizzy drink world prejudice stills runs rife.


For shame.

BB x

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wimpy on tour

Hey people

So we stopped at a nationwide for nick to do some money stuff and next to it was a wimpy.

We were all hungry so we said 'let's go and eat a wimpy'. Wimpy is old school like happy shopper.

It's got all the standard burgers but then it's got like breakfasts and paninis and baked spuds and the waitress comes and gets your order and you eat with a knife and fork. So basically it's awesome.

The best thing is, unlike the pressed potato and pea abominations of mcdonalds and the carb-fest bean bag of burger king, the wimpy offers a lemon pepper quorn burger for us vegetarians and pescetarians (which I'm assured is a real word). It's quite the burger.

Here i am eating one...

So, you can keep your kebabs and mcthis and that. On tour there is no better junk food than a good English wimpy.


Barney x

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Back on tour!

Well well well!

We are back out on tour once again. Tonight is a warm up gig in Leicester and we will be out with the skints tomorrow for a full uk tour. It's bens last tour so it might be the last time you get to see a brother so get your arse down!

Also, if you aren't doing out, go and check out

p.s We are currently in Leicester at Demon FM and I'm on air so I will upload this picture.



Bb x

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Thursday, 1 October 2009