Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sonic Boom Six's Day Out (without Barney and Neil!)

Being in Sonic Boom Six does mean that we get to go to and see some amazing places. Yesterday was one of them rare days off that we actually do something that we never do! The plan was for Ben and Nick to get together down south and play about on their guitars and for me to chill in the sun in Ben's garden... Instead we get a phone call from Ben the night before and he asks if we want to go sailing with his dad! This was something I'd never done before, I was pretty apprehensive as I get mega seasick whenever we travel anywhere on water but I thought I'd give it a go!

So, we meet up with Ben, his dad, his dad's mate Tony and the 2 dogs - Trumpet and Molly, in the morning at a Marina in a place called Lymington.

The yacht is amazing! We get a little tour of it and crack open the beers! Ben's dad lets us know that we will be going to the Isle of Wight for lunch and then we'll head back.

The sun is shining and we set off. I eat a ginger biscuit (as this stops you from feeling sick), drink a beer and relax on the deck. The journey is pretty smooth and I'm quite proud of myself. Not only is this my first time on a boat, I'm actually looking after the dogs! Normally I'm really scared of dogs! Check out Nick Horne at the helm!

Once we get to the Isle of Wight, Rob (Ben's dad) treats us all to fish and chips in a lovely pub and then we head back to the boat!

The journey back was nothing like the journey there! I didn't realise that sailing was actually different than driving a boat with a motor and it was all hands on deck when we got back! We were running around all over the place pulling various ropes and unfurling sails! I felt like a pirate or something! Once the excitement of getting the various sails up was over, we sat back and enjoyed the quiet sea air, it was lovely.

Once we were back on land, we went back to Ben's house and his mum treated us to an amazing Indian takeaway. It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Thanks Rob, Ben, Tony, Mary, Trumpet and Molly! x

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


You can get and exclusive remix of 'The Concrete We're Trapped Within' as well as the proper tune over at right now on the 'Notes From the Underground' blog.


Go and have a rave on it x

Monday, 13 April 2009

I just finished the biggest e-interview I've ever done

It's gonna be on tomorrow i guess. Lots of outlandish talk about mp3s, dodgy bands and America. I hope it isn't boring, cos it took a long time to write.

Easter was nice by the way, I went and saw Donn Letts play records and it was hip-hop, ska, punk and drum and bass all together which warmed the cockles. It was put together mainly by Mind on Fire collective who do loads of good things in Manchester as well as Anarchistic Undertones and some free party crews.

I ate no chocolate eggs though.

Cowabunga x

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Boom tour kicks off

Yes indeed

The first date of the tour was last night in Brighton and it was a right old knees up and no mistake. It was wonderful to see our super friends the Skints and they played a blinder. And we did a photoshoot for the Kerrang in which we looked like we were playing computer games. It was cool and the photo dude was really good. I imagine we look like one of those godawful hair-straightener bands with stupid names... but they like that, little girls (say that in a brummy accent to get the withnail and I quote).

So, here is a couple of photos that I feel effectively sum up the Brighton experience..

I shall keep in touch.

Barney x

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Rehearsing for May

Yes yes

We're getting rate stuck into rehearsals today. No rest for the wicked. We have the whole of the new album to relearn, but it's a laugh...

Neil has gone to the music shop to get a cahon which is like a weird sit down drum thing that we are gonna use for the acoustic set.

I'm a bit giddy about this whole blog thing, forgive my enthusiasm. I hope you are in rude health x x x

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

The World's Greatest Advert

Meaty burgers or not, 82-year old Yorkshiremen trapped in the body of children for the win.

My first blog!

Hello all y'all out there.

This is the new, proper Boom blog which is gonna be the new place to keep up with us. We're just gonna be posting all sorts of thoughts, goings-on and anything that takes our fancy up in here. We're gonna link it to the other sites and so on but, until Myspace allows external blog feeds, we're gonna have to treat those seperately. So think of this blog as the shenanigans and opinions and following us about and the site news and myspace blog as the boring stuff like ticket buying, cd releases and official announcements. Booooo.

OK then, today we're supposed to be in the States but we couldn't go. Bah. Instead we're up at Ben's recording some vocals which are for another band's record on a duet between Laila and the certain singer of a certain Bostonian ska band. I'm not gonna say exactly who it is in case the song doesn't work out but from where I'm sat it sounds really cool. So that's something to look forward to innit?!

Ogley Dogley.

Barney x