Friday, 15 May 2009

Our time down there


Last night we stayed at peter miles's house. It was fun because hardcore punk troopers Our Time Down Here were there recording their album and we joined them to provide crew shouts across the whole shebang. It's sounding excellent! If you like Set Your Goals, Kid Dynamite and New Found Glory (and who doesn't?!) check them out yeah.

We also got to catch up with Crazy Arm, whose amazing album has been picked up by righteous uk label Xtra Mile Recordings! Which is awesome news.

Down at Pete's we also got to see the fully coloured in chart from our album. Here it is for the world to see...

Beautiful! Speaking of the album, they have arrived and we are on our way to pick them up now. Hallellujah!!!

Barney x

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

In da studio

Hey guys

Even tho it's our Manchester gig today, we're in oxygene studios with christophe doing some b-sides. They are sounding really cool. Dancehall dub and dancefloor skacore.

Keep on truckin x

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Friday, 8 May 2009

We're on tour.


I'm here in the Homestead and I've noticed I've neglected the blog a bit. We've been having such insane trials and tribulations with the CD situation that things have been on top of us a bit. But, it does seem like there are other labels and companies having problems with the same company so, once we get our new CDs in our hands, I think we'll be able to get everything sorted.

Anyway, yesterday we rehearsed 2 new songs we're gonna be doing for b-sides and comps that we're gonna record tomorrow. One Ben wrote called 'Game Over' and one I wrote called 'This is Real'. They are dancehall reggae and ska-core respectively and there isn't an original note in either, but they're fun like that, B-Sides. We're recording with Christophe who did the Turbo EP and Sounds to Consume. We are gonna record tunes of Laila's and Nick's for the next B-Sides session we do. Neil is unavailable for comment write now but who knows if he will try his hand too.

The gigs have been going well, all very excited about the way the new stuff is going over.

Sonic Boom Six Recording

The other day, Laila and Ben and I did some vocals for our friend Ian Britt on his wonderful new record which is going to feature all sorts of Manchester music luminaries. Ian is one of my bestest friends in the world and you can check out his music HERE.

I hope you're all very well!

Barney x